Tour Guides

A Tour Guide (U.S.) and A Tourist Guide (European) provide information on cultural, historical, and modern heritage to clients on organized tours.
Tour guides are responsible for helping tourists to visit unfamiliar areas. They usually make special trips with groups to show them essential places in cities. Their work is beneficial for first-time visitors in some areas because these professionals are very knowledgeable and provide valuable information to people.


Tour guides usually proceed with many of the following tasks: 

  • Meet customers and greet them as soon as they get on board the bus and show people their seats if necessary. 
  • Outline the tour and timeline before beginning. 
  • Show and describing round attractions such as historical monuments, cultural centers, and beauty spots, and provide them with background information to help them make the most of their visit. 
  • Provide directions to customers who would like to check out a specific area and provide information about lodging, food, and other amenities. 
  • Answer any questions that the customers have. 
  • Maintain positive, friendly behavior at all times. 
  • Make sure the customers stay together and are safe until the end of the tour. 

Some people love to travel the world with just a guidebook, while to understand Egypt’s history and culture, it can also help get a guided tour. Geoota Travel ensures that Professionalism is second on the list of requirements for an acceptable guide.
All guides who are employed by the company must hold a four-year degree from the Faculty of Egyptology. Together with this, we prefer that the guide has at least four years of guiding experience in most, if not all, the sites, cities, and culture of our destinations.
Therefore, it is that our guides should know comprehensive knowledge of the sites and cities that will include in each itinerary. Your guide will always inform you in advance of any details as they arise.
We created a unique PDA forum consisting of technical & non-technical Factors for all our guides to evaluate their performance competencies to ensure the company’s quality.
Our team consists of English speaking guides and those who are fluent in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Russian.

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