Safaga city overlooks the Red Sea’s western coast, located 53 km south of Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate. Its beaches are 60 km long, and a paved road of 164 km long connects Safaga and Qena in Upper Egypt.
Safaga was established in 1911 with the discovery of phosphates and most of its residents’ activities in industry, mining, and tourism. There are several phosphate mines in Safaga, and it is considered a center for the export of phosphates.
Safaga port is of great importance in transporting individuals to Saudi Arabia, especially during the Hajj season, due to its proximity to the Kingdom’s coasts.
Safaga is a port and resort on the Red Sea shore, with many distinguished tourist villages, hotels, rest houses, tourist chalets, and many world-famous fish restaurants. It is distinguished by its clean air free of pollution, its high salinity waters, and its black dunes that have distinct therapeutic properties and are used medically in some cases. Its pristine beaches and strong winds made it an ideal place for water-skiing, diving training, fishing competitions, and mountain tours with Geoota Travel.

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