Port Said


Port Said is one of the most important Egyptian cities since its inception in 1860.
It includes tourist attractions that reveal the history of its inception associated with the Suez Canal emergence and several neighborhoods that mix European and Arab styles, giving it a charming character different from anywhere else in Egypt.
The museums tell and include monuments of the brave city’s military history and its distinctive location in north-eastern Egypt on an area of 845 km² from the head of the northern entrance to the Suez Canal.
Port Said is bordered on the north side by the Mediterranean Sea, east by Port Fouad, and south by Ismailia Governorate. From the northwest by Damietta to the west by the Dakahlia Governorate, and the southwest, Sharqia Governorate.
Port Said is also one of the cities that you can visit at any time of the year due to its moderate climate in most cases, as the average temperature is 20.7 degrees Celsius. The city’s enormous cold wave is in January, and the weather is 13.7, and the warmest in August, and the temperature is 26.9 degrees Celsius.
At the Mediterranean entrance to the Suez Canal, Port Said is notable as a duty-free zone due to its geographical location, famous for all the markets that attract shoppers. Suppose you are interested in the best shopping experience, which is an opportunity that you cannot miss because of the most famous international brands available for sale and from authorized distributors at low-cost prices.
You can tour the city in general; you will find everything suitable to buy what you need.

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