Nuweiba, with its sizeable commercial port, the small town of Nuweiba is known as “the pearl of the Gulf of Aqaba” for the beauty of its golden sand beaches surrounded by large palm trees.

Regular service of liners to Aqaba in Jordan and – more recently – of hydrofoil boats have made Nuweiba the ideal starting point for Petra trips, a large desert caravan center, and the legendary capital of the Nabatean Kingdom.

Nuweiba is made up of two parts: a southern one, known as Nuweiba Muzeina, like the Bedouins of the Muzeina, inhabit it as the Sultan El-Ghuri occupies it in the 16th century at the end of the main track connecting the gulf of Aqaba with the monastery of St. Katherine and the Gulf of Suez.
It was erected to protect caravan routes towards Mecca and Jerusalem in the last few years; the number of tourists coming to Nuweiba has increased considerably owing to a new attraction.

A vast, friendly dolphin has established its home in a bay situated in the southern part of the town, near the end of the track connecting Nuweiba to Ras Abu Galum. Local Bedouins have virtually adopted it.
When you visit Nuweiba, you can therefore swim with a dolphin and watch it at close quarters in its natural environment.

Nuweiba is also a great place to arrange camels and 4×4 safaris into the Sinai desert’s interior. Some of the sights to see are the palm-filled oasis of Ain Al-Furtega, a large cistern (Mayat El-Wishwashi) concealed between the boulders of a canyon that feeds a palm grove, and the largest oasis of the Sinai called Ain Um Ahmed.

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