Luxor is the world’s most excellent open-air museum, filled with an ancient civilization’s awe-inspiring monuments Situated in Upper Egypt, approximately 500km south of Egypt’s modern capital city, Cairo.
As Weset, it was Egypt’s capital during the New Kingdom (1567-1085 BC); as Thebes, Homer described it as “the hundred-gate city.” Its last name, al-Uksur, means “City of the Palaces.”
With a history spanning glorious years, the ancient hundred-gated Thebes is wealthy beyond measure, with massive temples and extraordinary rock-hewn burial chambers filled with treasures.
Without a doubt, it remains one of the most enchanting destinations and allows its visitors to travel more than 3500 years back in time. Grasp the priceless opportunity to retrace the steps of the famous Pharaohs, Kings, Queens, Gods, and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.
Luxor is with its International airport; Luxor is a hot spot for tourists and history enthusiasts worldwide. Its testament to a desire for immortality, built for eternity in sandstone and granite, the temples, tombs, and palaces still stand, surrounded by souks and luxury hotels.
If strolling amongst the great sites is not quite enough, why not take off into the skies by hot air balloon for an astonishing, bird’s eye view like no other. Similarly, if you wish to study the temples of the enticing city of Aswan, you can hop aboard the Nile Cruise from Luxor and enjoy the peace and tranquility as you sail along the River Nile.

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