Hurghada is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt, but it is also one of the most adorable cities in the world.
Hurghada’s charming nature, clear water, and lovely atmosphere attract many visitors every year to relax in its picturesque scenery.
Hurghada is in the southeast of Egypt, on the coast of the Red Sea and surrounded the north by the city of Ras Ghareb, 143 km, and the south by the city of Safaga, 61 km.
It is about 425 km from Cairo, and the journey to it takes five to six hours and has 460.5 km, and its beaches extend over 40 km of the Red Sea coastline.
Hurghada’s climate is moderate in general, but we notice the weather difference between day and night due to its desert climate, so the weather is hot during the day and tends to be cold at night.
Hurghada receives those coming from inside and outside Egypt to stay in the most beautiful and elegant resorts. It offered the city a new look and seafarers a new gateway into Egypt.
Investments and developments in Hurghada have increased the population from 20 thousand to 90 thousand people.

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