Dahab’s coral peninsula – a Bedouin word meaning “gold” concerning the yellow color of its rock and the sand of its magnificent beaches – lies between Qura Bay to the south and the smaller Ghazala Bay to the north.

You can find the most picturesque Bedouin Village in Sinai, Assalah, surrounded by tall palm trees.

The numerous Bedouins of this area gather with the ever-increasing number of tourists (usually young ones) searching for adventure in an informal and exotic environment with the presence of local handicrafts.

The mountains rising immediately to the north of Dahab enable visitors to make exciting excursions (Wadi Qnai and Wadi Connection in cross-country vehicles.

Snorkeling options are varied and wide in Dahab; it is a Red Sea destination where almost anyone first-timer will feel tempted to start snorkeling and, why not, even diving.

Divers can see extensive coral reefs, and all the diving sites can be reached by land, although it is possible to hire boats at the various local Diving Centers. The most exciting sites are Canyon and Blue Hole; the latter should be explored only by experienced divers.

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