If you are tired of the routine and crowded Cairo and want to make a truce and snatch some time in front of the sea, Alexandria is the best place for you.
Alexandria is Egypt’s second capital with a string of white beaches stretching along its Mediterranean shores is a favored Middle Eastern summer retreat, and everyone in their way makes the most of life along the corniche.
On your march inside this ancient city, which was founded in 331 B.C. by King Alexander the Great, and during wander through the beautiful streets and see the artifacts from the four primary ages of Egypt: Ancient, Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic; there is also an array of more modern items such as royal palaces and an exciting collection of the current contemporary atmosphere.
Alexandria provided a refuge for one of the most famous passionate love-affairs of all time, that of Anthony and Cleopatra.
The city of Alexandria witnessed the most important events and sites, such as the French campaign against Egypt, and its residents also resisted the attacks of the British occupation.
Learn about Alexandria’s exciting history as you explore the different sights coordinated with Geoota Travel for unique tours designed for your exciting experience.

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