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Geoota.com is a revolutionary platform that allows you to explore Egypt from the comfort of your home. With its interactive maps and detailed guides, you can learn about different places without having to leave your chair!
Discover new places with ease:
Our interactive maps let you search for places of interest based on location and category. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, cafes, historical sites, or museums, we have it all! Plus, each place comes with detailed descriptions and reviews to help you decide what’s best for your next adventure.
Experience the world from home:
Our virtual tours allow you to explore famous landmarks without ever having to leave your home. From the Great Pyramids in Cairo to the Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan, experience the beauty of these iconic places just by clicking a button!
Share your experiences with friends:
Share your favorite places with friends and family when they join Geoota.com. Our shareable maps make it easy for you to plan trips together or simply show off all the places you’ve been exploring around Egypt!

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