We have handled incentive groups since 2004, and over the years, we have dealt with many respectable organizations, along with other multinational companies and many delegations from various countries. 

Classic Standard Services: 
Geoota Travel offered the following items generally for incentive groups. 

  • We provide fast track reception, assistance, and transfer. 
  • Upon arrival at the airport, Geoota Travel transfer Representative welcoming the group (in the agreed-upon name), accompany the group after clearance procedures; meanwhile, passports and luggage are taken care of by another representative. 
  • Afterward, the group is transferred to the hotel by a very modern A/C Vehicle and a professional expert driver. 
  • Check-in Procedures while transfer heading to the hotel in a natural & fast way. 
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, guests were welcomed with refreshments (Non-alcoholic and alcoholic) and hot and cold snacks, flowers, with Egyptian traditional music and dancers. 
  • We welcome our guests in their rooms with many optional additional services like a Fruit basket or local wine in every room – A flower vase with a personal note. 
  • We provide personalized stationery with a guest folder. 
  • We offer a choice of leisure activities with daily tours along with our Egyptology guides. 
  • For sports customers, they will always have a good chance to swim, play golf, tennis, squash, etc.or they can enjoy horseback and camel riding in the desert. 
  • Special nights and dinners in the hotel, the incentive group can enjoy dinner at the nightclub with various shows. 
  • The groups visiting Luxor or Aswan can have dinner in one of the 5-star floating restaurants with belly dancer & Folklore shows. 
  • The group can enjoy an Arabian night and a folkloric show in a typical Arabian tent near the Pyramids. 
  • Gala parties can suggest in the afternoon/evening. Usually, the most memorable gala nights are organized on Elephantine Island in Aswan, where the ancient temples create an atmosphere of luxury.

Special Incentive Services: 
Geoota Travel provides additional services for VIPs, as per the group organizer requests, such as

  • International and domestic flight charteringOur unlimited contacts nationwide enable us to help whenever you need to get the best deals with airlines or charters. 
  • Banquet, Meeting, and Conference HallsHalls are available at the group’s hotel of residence, in addition to all other facilities needed to suit the businessmen’s or the holidaymakers’ desires. 
  • Invitation CardsInvitation cards, written on papyrus, can be issued to the guests with the organizer’s name signed on them. Just let us know your mailing list. 
  • Helium Balloonsconsiderable helium balloon with the organizer’s name written on it can place at the hotel of the group’s residence. We can keep the helium balloon for the whole duration of the group’s stay or for as long as it is wanted. Also, similar smaller helium balloons can place on dining tables during the gala dinner or any other occasion. Flying balloons can be arranged to cross from the east bank of the Nile to the west bank in Luxor. 
  • Video and PhotographyA professional video team and photographers are available at your request to immortalize your occasion. They could hire for individual events or both. 

Special Arrangements: 
Various special events can organize upon visiting Luxor and Aswan, such as 

  • Also, we arranged a welcome party at Deir El-Bahari, the commemorative Temple of Hatshepsut on the west bank in Luxor. 
  • Cocktail parties in Luxor Temple. 
  • Midnight snacks can also serve during sailing. 
  • Request an own sound and light performance. 
  • After the regular hours of performance, Geoota Travel can arrange for an exceptional individual sound and light show in any language as the organizer requests. 
  • These performances take place in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.

The Final Touch: 
Turn your event into a marvelous one by beautiful souvenirs such as gold or silver cartouches with clients’ names engraved on them or with a galabia, one of the traditional Egyptian dress forms; drawings on papyrus or any Egyptian handicraft (in brass, wood, or copper). 

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