Egypt & Beyond

We no longer travel because it is “the thing” to go abroad.
At present, it is more fashionable to stay at home. But we must travel, and this for the following reasons:

  • For health.
  • For education.
  • To get away from things.
  • To realize the limitation of our point of view.
  • To be able to improve our conditions at home.
  • To appreciate the various kinds of beauty in the world.
  • To find our level internationally.
  • To have something to talk about.
  • To have something to look back upon.

And finally, to appreciate home.
We must travel abroad while we are young for the following top 6 reasons:

  • You will get out of your comfort zone.
  • Traveling builds confidence.
  • You will develop cultural sensitivity.
  • You can adapt to globalization.
  • Be Immersed in a Second (or Third) language.
  • Infinite opportunities to network.

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