Responsible Travel 

This page covers the overall aims of our policy and the ethos/mission statement of the company.

Economic Responsibility: 

  • Local guides operate Sightseeing tours. Also, we use local drivers, and local partners make all your arrangements. 
  • We encourage clients to buy local producers, handmade artifacts like pharaonic statues, perfume, papyrus, carpets, and gold or silver souvenirs. 
  • Tours include the local markets visit like Khan El-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo and the great souks in Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, and Sharm El-Sheikh. 
  • We are interested in coaching our local staff by giving them leadership, emotional intelligence, and language courses in addition to tourism courses. 
  • We use locally owned, high-quality hotels and restaurants. 

Environmental Responsibility: 

  • All the places visited will leave as we found them. No piece of paper is to leave behind. For instance, our local staff in the desert (Siwa, Bahariya, and White) cooperates with the government to continue cleaning the areas used as a camp for tourists. 
  • All of our modern A/C vehicles are provided with baskets for rubbish in addition to environmentally friendly exhaust systems. 
  • Local guides and tour operators are not permitted to smoke during work. 
  • Department managers meet weekly to ensure that all operations have minimal impact on the environment. We emphasize reducing noise pollution by ordering tour drivers to refrain from using their car horns. 
  • Our diving guides and tour guides emphasize the preservation of Egypt‘s coral reef, highlighting the damage that touching or removing coral in perceptions of the ecosystem of the Red Sea. 
  • The Egypt Government banned all plastic carrier bags, regardless of their thickness. Visitors are advised to avoid carrying plastic carrier bags or packing plastic bags in their luggage or suitcase. Only the “Ziploc bags” that are correctly used to move on toiletries will be allowed as they are expecting to remain in the permanent procurement of visitors. 
  • We support eco-tourism and do the best to deal with ecologically friendly hotels and resorts in Dahab, Marsa Alam, and Bahariya Oasis. 
  • We are always open to the clients hints about how to improve our services in terms of environmental impact. 
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility: 

  • Geoota Travel staff will provide travelers with accurate information before their arrival concerning the customs, traditions, and suitable clothes for each destination. 
  • Geoota Travel hires from local communities, training students in tourism principles, and customer relations during the summer holidays to hire new employees from these trainees. 
  • Geoota Travel specializes in providing tours for disabled travelers and does our best to make everything accessible for them. 
  • We donate to the 57357 Cancer hospital plus Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation for each booking reserved. 

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