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Newly founded, yet massively growing! founded in 2004 to be one of the best travel agencies serving not only inside the Middle East but also outside like the United Kingdom and Russia. 
We provide our clients with the best-personalized entertainment experience. They log in, search for what they want, and choose the best that suits them in terms of money and services locally and internationally. There is a 24/7 travel expert available to answer all our clients inquiries and questions, also making sure that they are on the right flight.  

Become a Partner: 
Now, you have the opportunity to partner up with one of the best Travel agencies in the Middle East. Being a partner with enables you to gain more revenues from the traffic that you already have on your website. Provide your existed customers with valuable information and attract new ones, by featuring dynamic travel information on your website. 

How to become a partner with 

  • You shall sign up in our Affiliate program. 
  • Once you get acceptedusername and password sent to you. And let the work starts! 

How does it work? 

  • Partnership program is a paid referral system. 
  • You recommend services to the users on your website, by adding referral links and banners that refer back to 
  • When the users click through those referrals to and book a service, you gain money. 

Why become a partner? 
Partnering with won’t only be profitable in terms of money but also words of added value to your clients: 

  • Low prices: Wnegotiate with our suppliers to get the best prices in the market, so as Affiliate, you get an excellent opportunity to showcase these offers to satisfy your needs. 
  • Earn more revenues from your existed customers without any cost. 
  • We provide you with the feeds, tools, and support you need to get new clients. 
  • As the success of any affiliate, the system depends on its ranking in Search Engines. So, Content and information available on are optimized, meaning that it includes the keywords that are relevant for the Search engine spiders. 
  • Maximize your revenue: we provide you with detailed statistics, including conversions, transactions, commissions, and visitors numbers, which you can use to maximize your revenue stream. 

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